Be Our Partner. Let’s eat our way to success, together.
InstaDash connects the retailers and store owners to the customers, using our network of personal shoppers to pick and deliver what the customer wants.
Join our marketplace community and connect with our customer base by promoting your products through the digital storefront and our marketing campaigns.
We’d love to hear from you. Please drop a message for us and we will reach out to you if we have the ability to explore a partnership!
So many ways to partner with us!
Benefits to the Partner Retailers and Stores!
Achieve incremental volumes without having to deploy scarce capital to open a new branch. The InstaDash platform increases your order volume by putting your store’s products in front of thousands of customers, enabling them to easily order online. InstaDash helps enhance the growth of partner stores like yours without any capital investment to build infrastructure or lease additional storage spaces.
Join the marketplace and provide delivery through the InstaDash delivery network. We’ll provide on-demand personal shoppers that would pick and deliver the orders to the customer. This service is fully backed by our 24/7 Customer Care.
Let’s take care of the customers while you focus on your core business – the retail operations. We strive to provide your customers with the most competitive delivery experience in the market. We are delivering happiness to the online consumer through convenience, flexibility and guaranteed speedy delivery of their orders. Our simplified pricing model through our unified concierge service fee helps to provide clear visibility on the service fees with the comfort that the product costs remain the same as in-store prices. Avoid the hassles of trying to run a delivery operation along with your retail business. Focus!
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