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How Instadash works

You’re busy, so every minute counts. Let us connect you with…

Tracking your order and delivery

It’s easy to track your order, from the moment your personal shopper…

Instadash Express

Instadash Express is a membership option for customers who want…

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How Instadash Works

What we do, areas and stores we serve, communicating with us

Instadash Express

Perks, pricing, and managing your membership


Receiving your items, reporting a problem, unknown charges

Placing Orders

Placing an order, sharing a cart, reporting incorrect information

Orders in Progress

Tracking your order, approving changes, chatting with your shopper

Pricing, Discounts, & Fees

Item pricing, coupon, promotions, referrals, taxes and fees

Profile and Account Settings

Personal settings, notifications, login issues

Shoppers Help

Signing up, updating personal Information, login issues