We are here for your business & to deliver happiness to your employees.
Whether your team works from the office or from home, support them with nutritious meals, groceries and other essentials that we can deliver anytime and to anywhere within our coverage areas.
Why InstaDash for Business?
In many locations, one of the daily challenges faced by everyone, including your employees, is having to think about getting groceries, meals and other essential items for themselves and their families. Instadash for Business™ offers the following 3-in-1 solution for employers to provide support to their teams:

InstaDash Premium for Work

Employees can opt into InstaDash Premium, a monthly subscription that grants ZERO delivery fees and lower service fees on every eligible order from a qualifying InstaDash retailer. The numbers of subscriptions are set by your company.


Employee Gift Cards

Employees get a gift card reward that can be used towards groceries, essential items and thousands of everyday lifestyle products from InstaDash retailers. Your business can order gift cards in bulk and have control over the total number of cards and gift card amounts.


Company Provided Meals

Set a food ordering budget for employees to enjoy expensed meals from InstaDash anytime, anywhere. Your company’s assigned administrators would be able to set the spending limits, permissible ordering time and frequency based on your operating policies.

Instadash for Business™ is here to support your business. Contact us to learn how we can support your business and your employees
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